Phonographe Corp est une association qui promeut les musiques électroniques et les cultures urbaines via des soirées, un blog, et maintenant des Phonocast. Ces Phonocast sont pour nous l’occasion de vous faire découvrir des artistes que l’on aime. Tendez l’oreille vous ne le regretterez pas !

PHNCST260 - James Dean Brown

Tracklisting 1.1 –Yellow Magic Orchestra Loom 1.2 –Hi-Ryze Sodium 1.3 –Pressurehead Sudden Vertigo 1.4 –Joe Meek, The Blue Men I hear the world 1.5 –Gong Thought For Naught 1.6 –White Noise Love without sound 1.7 –Plone On My Bus 1.8 –Michael Perilstein Tug No Remus 1.9 –Synergy (3) Sketches Of Mythical Beasts 1.10 –They Came from the Stars (I Saw ...

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1.1 –Yellow Magic Orchestra Loom
1.2 –Hi-Ryze Sodium
1.3 –Pressurehead Sudden Vertigo
1.4 –Joe Meek, The Blue Men I hear the world
1.5 –Gong Thought For Naught
1.6 –White Noise Love without sound
1.7 –Plone On My Bus
1.8 –Michael Perilstein Tug No Remus
1.9 –Synergy (3) Sketches Of Mythical Beasts
1.10 –They Came from the Stars (I Saw Them) They Came From The Stars (I Saw Them)
1.11 –Koko Taylor Up in Flames
1.12 –Ashley Slater Private Sunshine (BigLounge album mix by Carmen Rizzo)
1.13 –Frank Zappa Twenty Small Cigars
1.14 –Low Res Blue Ramen #3
1.15 –Riichiro Manabe & Orchestra Lone Man-wolf
1.16 –Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit Gulli Verreisen
1.17 –Pink Elln Parallel
1.18 –Sketch Show Wonderful to Me
1.19 –Dandy Jack Direct Eyes
1.20 –Mark van Hoen 1967
1.21 –Locust The Optimist
1.22 –Single Cell Orchestra The Portal
1.23 –Massive Attack Antistar
1.24 –Brian Eno, David Byrne Mea Culpa
1.25 –Jan Hammer Group Don't You Know
1.26 –Wire Marooned
1.27 –Monitor (3) Phosphorea
1.28 –Fort Lauderdale Golden Shower
1.29 –Joe Tabu & God Cha Cha
1.30 –Erik Satin Light Music (part one)
1.31 –Florida Hymn for Her
1.32 –Blaine L. Reininger Sons of the Silent Age
1.33 –Robert Haigh Juliet of the Spirits
1.34 –Fetus Productions Classical
1.35 –Daevid Allen Lady Dear Lady
1.36 –Club Foot Orchestra Chinese Flowers Mini
1.37 –Marine (2) A Proposito dei Napoli
1.38 –DODO Cleopatra's Needle
1.39 –André Kostelanetz And His Orchestra Lotus Land
1.40 –Dirk Schaefer Aus der Ferne
1.41 –Boards Of Canada 1969
1.42 –Mata Atlántica: San Pedro After The Rain Brazilian Soundscapes
1.43 –Dirk Schaefer Alpsee 1
1.44 –Boards Of Canada The Beach at Redpoint
1.45 –André Kostelanetz And His Orchestra The Moon of Manakoora
1.46 –Orquesta De Leon Cardona Sombras Nada Mas
1.47 –The Waikiki Hula Boys Ualani
1.48 –Don Tiki Bam
1.49 –Steve & Eydie Black Hole Sun
1.50 –4 to the bar Arabesco
1.51 –Combustible Edison Intermission
1.52 –Jeff And Jane Hudson Guatemala
1.53 –Hidden Combo Mosquito
1.54 –The Gentle People Emotion Heater (Tiki Mix)
1.55 –Radio Free Europe A Couple Screams
1.56 –Squarepusher Circular Flexing
1.57 –De Artsen She's in Love
1.58 –Electronicat Fondre Dans les Nuages
1.59 –Teenage Filmstars Vibrations
1.60 –John Martyn Eibhli Ghail Chiuin Ni Chearbhaill
1.61 –MX-80 Sound Promise of Love
1.62 –Roger Waters Grantchester Meadows
1.63 –Electronicat Birds Want to Have Fun
1.64 –Beck Whiskeyclone
1.65 –Seti .beacon 07
1.66 –Single Cell Orchestra Access Seraphim Flight Log
1.67 –Chris & Cosey Moorby
1.68 –Dandy Jack Loser Bar
1.69 –Slava Tsukerman, Brenda Hutchinson, Clive Smith Alien's Theme II
1.70 –David Chesworth A Hundred Thousand Hearts
1.71 –F/i Sandoza Smiles
1.72 –Massive Attack What Your Soul Sings
1.73 –Teenage Filmstars Inner Space
1.74 –Scala Be Together
1.75 –Cornelius God Only Knows
1.76 –EST (2) Red TV
1.77 –Wire A Mutual Friend
1.78 –Pink Floyd Matilda Mother
1.79 –Led Zeppelin That's the Way
1.80 –Led Zeppelin Bron-Yr-Aur
1.81 –The Edgar Broughton Band Hotel Room
1.82 –Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot Bonnie and Clyde
1.83 –Los Sampler's La Vida Es Llena de Cables
1.84 –Autechre fold4, wrap5
1.85 –Atom™ Space Bossa
1.86 –David Carroll & His Orchestra Andalucia
1.87 –Terry Snyder And The All Stars Tabu
1.88 –Stanley Black & His Orchestra By the Waters of Minnetonka
1.89 –Pacific 231 Rhapsodie Pacifique
1.90 –Unknown artist Hidden Track
1.91 –Lisa Carbon Dry Clean America
1.92 –Transformer Di Roboter Enter Sandman
1.93 –Bio Bonsaï Fisher's Delight
1.94 –Künstler Treu Para Nuestros Creativos LP
1.95 –Eumir Deodato Adam's Hotel
1.96 –The Sounds of Martin Denny Jungle Flower
1.97 –Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit Wirklich
1.98 –Sketch Show Theme from A Summer Place
1.99 –Arthur Lyman Cumana
1.100 –Haruomi Hosono Korendor
1.101 –Radiohead Pyramid Song
1.102 –Low Res Dirty Serenade
1.103 –World Standard Loser's Lounge
1.104 –Matt Johnson Red Cinders in the Sand
1.105 –Señor Coconut And His Orchestra Oxygène
1.106 –Stanley Black & His Orchestra Jungle Drums
1.107 –Dick Hyman And His Orchestra Misirlou
1.108 –Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra Nightingale (Ruiseñor)
1.109 –HAT Granular Sunset
1.110 –Arnaldo Antunes Alta Noite
1.111 –The Moonbees Lua Cor-de-Rosa
1.112 –Deja-Move Bye Bye (Edit)
1.113 –The Gentle People Journey (Aphex Twin Care Mix)
1.114 –Kushti U R Allstars
1.115 –Jeff And Jane Hudson The Girl from Ipanema
1.116 –Antena Bye Bye Papaye
1.117 –Gregory Fleckner Quintet Raspotcanty
1.118 –Suba Sereia
1.119 –Midisport The MaWith the Broken Leg
1.120 –Sunsoul So Danço
1.121 –Recoil Jezebel
1.122 –Mata Atlántica: San Pedro after the rain Brazilian Soundscapes
1.123 –Hubert Félix Thiéfaine Lorelei Sebasto Cha
1.124 –Markus Nikolai Schnitzelexpress
1.125 –The Arthur Lyman Group Dahil Sayo
1.126 –Suicide Cheree
1.127 –World Standard Good Red Road
1.128 –Sukia Feel'n Free
1.129 –Esquivel And His Orchestra Begin the Beguine
1.130 –Tipsy Cinnabar
1.131 –Amorphous Androgynous In Mind
1.132 –The Future Sound Of London Eyes Pop
1.133 –Benjamin Lew, Steven Brown Bamako ou Ailleurs
1.134 –Mark Van Hoen The Once Green Hill
1.135 –Low Res Kilter
1.136 –Mort Garson I've Been Over the Rainbow
1.137 –Van der Graaf Generator Afterwards
1.138 –Deep Purple Lalena
1.139 –IB Jealous Guy
1.140 –Locust One Way or Another
1.141 –Radiohead Optimistic
1.142 –Radiohead In Limbo
1.143 –Autechre Tewe
1.144 –Serge Gainsbourg Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus
1.145 –The Starseeds Parallel Life (original Mix)
1.146 –Scorn Light Trap
1.147 –Noise Ltd. Monkey Turbulence
1.148 –Dunderhead (2) Black Beading
1.149 –Tweet Drunk
1.150 –Low Res Chalky
1.151 –Sir Horatio Abracadubra
1.152 –Massive Attack Man Next Door
1.153 –Scala VDT
1.154 –Led Zeppelin Tea For One
1.155 –Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players Sometimes My Blues Will Cover the Earth
1.156 –Beck Beautiful Way
1.157 –Entropica Alignement
1.158 –Saluki Regicide Rain III
1.159 –Scala Still
1.160 –Led Zeppelin Friends
1.161 –Super_Collider Radianations On The Rise
1.162 –Locust Create, Dissolve and Recreate
1.163 –Locust Faith Grows from Trees
1.164 –Locust Sweet Sky + Distopian
1.165 –Locust Strings That Bind or Drop
1.166 –Ruxpin Artifacts
1.167 –Jello Chamchimzee
1.168 –Brothomstates Jak Got Stuck in Canada And This Sounds Like
1.169 –Insektoid Uncalculated Motion in Space
1.170 –Nikakoi XVZ
1.171 –Pink Elln Futurist
1.172 –Ruxpin Moving Brela
1.173 –Rolling Calf Sinfonette Rain II
1.174 –Beaumont Hannant Basic Dialog
1.175 –Bund Deutscher Programmierer Einheit 4
1.176 –Polygon Window Polygon Window
1.177 –The Disk Orchestra Neue Donau
1.178 –Haruomi Hosono, Tadanori Yokoo Hepatitis
1.179 –Yellow Magic Orchestra Simoon
1.180 –Boards Of Canada Happy Cycling
1.181 –Hamijama Glory of Alexander
1.182 –Jeswa Snail Traul
1.183 –Laughing Hands Four
1.184 –Cabaret Voltaire Expect Nothing
1.185 –Scorn Scorpionic
1.186 –Shock Headed Peters Love's Dumb Mechanics
1.187 –Radiohead Everything In Its Right Place
1.188 –Wire French Film Blurred
1.189 –Electronicat Flocon d'étoile
1.190 –Martin Rev Baby O Baby
1.191 –Systematics Bovine
1.192 –Suicide Ghost Rider
1.193 –Martin Rev Alan Vega
1.194 –Rhythm & Noise Filament In Strata
1.195 –The Canaries Medley: Romance / Dolores / Melody in F
1.196 –Füxa Pangea
1.197 –Saluki Regicide Jockey Full of Bourbon
1.198 –Ryuichi Sakamoto Ulu Watu
1.198 –Arthur Lyman Fascination
1.199 –Don Tiki Maidenhair Fern
1.200 –Combustible Edison Theme from "The Tiki Wonder Hour"
1.201 –Little Tempo Tzena Tzena
1.213 –Skylab Red Light, Blue Light
1.214 –Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett Scream Thy Last Scream unreleased
1.215 –Bruce Haack, Esther Nelson Soul Transportation
1.216 –Monitor (3) We Get Messages
1.217 –Postscript 20c
1.218 –Jack of All Trades (2) Unchained (unreleased)
1.219 –White Noise Your Hidden Dreams
1.220 –Seti .beacon 07
1.221 –Aphex Twin Icct Hedral (Philip Glass Orchestration)
1.222 –Beaumont Hannant Mind Colours
1.223 –Nikakoi Mind Colours
1.224 –Balil Parasight
1.225 –Matt Johnson (Like a) Sun Rising Through My Garden
1.226 –Estompen Estompe27
1.227 –Estompen Walkman
1.228 –Chrome (8) Eyes on Mars
1.229 –Van Der Graaf Generator Necromancer
1.230 –White Noise My Game of Loving
1.231 –Fort Lauderdale The Kaleidoscope Man
1.232 –Vanilla Fudge People Get Ready
1.233 –Jeff And Jane Hudson Cat Scan
1.234 –L.I.D. Miko
1.235 –Ryuichi Sakamoto Thatness and Thereness
1.236 –Cabaret Voltaire Theme From "Shaft"

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